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As the only moving component inside transformer tank, on-load tap changer needs to be highly reliable both electrically & mechanically. By different means, tap changers can be divided into different categories. By operation mode, it can be on-load or de-energized (off-circuit) tap changer; by arcing extinguishing medium, it can be conventional (arcing in oil) or vacuum (arcing in vacuum interrupter) tap changer; by structure, it can be selector switch or diverter switch tap changer; by mounting method, it can be in-tank or on-tank (bolt-on) tap changer; by transition impedance, it can be resistive or reactive tap changer; and by insulation medium, it can be liquid immersed, air insulated or gas insulated tap changer.

In Huaming, we provide one-stop voltage regulation solutions for all your needs. 

Type CM2 on-load tap changer perfectly integrates the proven reliability of type CM and vacuum switching technology. Completely same dimension not only saves the transformer designers from re-designing the transformer for vacuum technology, but also provides a direct retrofit diverter switch for existing tap changer upgrade from conventional to vacuum tap changer.
Type SHZV is a vacuum version of type CMD on-load tap changer. In addition to the features & advantages inherited from CMD, it is designed with an extremely robust and big capacity diverter switch, makes it a natural choice for low maintenance desiring high voltage power transformers applications.
Type HWV externally-­mounted vacuum OLTC is a new vacuum tap changer developed by Huaming. It is composed of diverter switch, tap selector, oil tank and motor drive unit. The diverter switch and tap selector of HWV is consolidated in one oil chamber. iT is suitable for power and industrial transformers of Star or Delta connection. Its highest equipment voltage is 40.5 and 72.5kV; its three phases current is less than 1000A and rated frequency is 50 or 60 Hz.
Type SHGV vacuum on-load tap changer is of combined structure, applicable to SF6 gas insulation regulating transformers, comprising two major parts: diverter switch and tap selector. Tap changer is laid in the transformer gas tank by means of its head flange and the diverter switch is in a separate gas compartment. It can be used at neutral point of star-connection for three-phase; singe-phase for any selectable winding connection; a combination of three units of single-phase for any selectable winding connection and any position voltage regulating.
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