Huaming Turkey
The sister company of Shanghai Huaming founded in 2015,has grown into a burgeoning enterprise with a production capacity of 2000 units per year.
Huaming in Desert Sunlight Solar Farm Project, USA
Huaming is proud to be the tap changer supplier for this prominent 550MW photovoltaic (PV) solar power project.
Huaming After-sales Service: Reliable, Affordable and Efficient
Huaming’s twelve overseas service stations are staffed with a well-certified & dedicated service team.
Huaming’s Fully Equipped Training Center
With a fully equipped training center, we offer training services to customers all over the world.
Training Course for
 HM Russian Customers

HM successfully held a training course 
for Russian transformer manufacturers
 and maintenance companies.

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  • Are you interested in learning more about tap-changers? A free lesson on OLTC basics, organized by Transformers Magazine and sponsored by Huaming, will soon take place online.Lesson will be held on Friday, 29th September at 2 PM CET. During this live event you will learn the basics of load tap changers, their purpose, various construction types and principles of operation of its patented procedure, resistor and reactor constructions. If you're interested, feel free to click this link to register the course:  OLTC Course – lesson #1: On-load tap-changer basics | Transformers Magazine (
    2023 - 09 - 21
  • From May 23 to 25, Huaming successfully attended the 2023 Berlin CWIEME exhibition, which is the world's largest event dedicated to coil winding, electric motor and transformer manufacturing technologies. The exhibition attracted more than 750 exhibitors and 6,500 visitors from over 80 countries. At the exhibition, Huaming showcased its latest products and solutions, such as the vacuum SHZV OLTC new design, etc. The company also displayed its achievements in the fields of renewable energy and smart grid. Huaming met customers from all over the world and had in-depth business discussions with them. The company received positive feedback and inquiries from potential buyers and partners. Huaming also established contacts with industry experts and media representatives, who expressed ...
    2023 - 06 - 15
  • Along with the Chinese government’s implementation of carbon emission peak and neutrality goals, Huaming is also dedicated to creating a green environment and pursuing sustainable development through its innovative products and services.One of HM’s core values is to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and products. The company adopts a green production methodology that aims to minimize waste, energy consumption, and emissions by implementing strict quality control and environmental management systems to ensure the safety and performance of its products.Another way that Huaming demonstrates its attitude towards a green environment is by using unqualified products to plant flowers. Huaming has a unique project called “Flower Power”, which involves planting flowers using discard...
    2023 - 05 - 31
  • HM, a leading manufacturer of tap-changers, has recently visited customers in Egypt to discuss business cooperation and market opportunities. Tap-changers are devices that allow transformers to adjust the voltage level of the electricity they deliver, depending on the demand and supply conditions. They are essential for ensuring the stability and efficiency of power grids. HM representatives met with the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC), the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC), and several private sector companies that operate power plants and substations in Egypt. The meetings focused on presenting HM's products and services, showcasing its technological innovations and quality standards, and exploring potential areas of collaboration and partnership. ...
    2023 - 04 - 13
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