Huaming Turkey
The sister company of Shanghai Huaming founded in 2015,has grown into a burgeoning enterprise with a production capacity of 2000 units per year.
Huaming in Desert Sunlight Solar Farm Project, USA
Huaming is proud to be the tap changer supplier for this prominent 550MW photovoltaic (PV) solar power project.
Huaming After-sales Service: Reliable, Affordable and Efficient
Huaming’s twelve overseas service stations are staffed with a well-certified & dedicated service team.
Huaming’s Fully Equipped Training Center
With a fully equipped training center, we offer training services to customers all over the world.
Training Course for
 HM Russian Customers

HM successfully held a training course 
for Russian transformer manufacturers
 and maintenance companies.

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  • Golmud Wutu Meiren Township in June is full of splendid rays of sunshine and full of vitality. On its northwest side, countless photovoltaic modules are neatly arranged, shining brightly under the sun, overlooking from above, like a vast 'blue' desert'. The Golmud Chukai New Energy Utumeiren 50MW affordable photovoltaic project undertaken by Huaming was officially connected to the grid, and the green power generated by the 'Blue Desert' 'goes' to thousands of households. Qinghai has high terrain, thin air and often accompanied by wind and sand. Faced with this situation, Huaming people did not shrink back, but still faced the difficulties and played a new chapter in Qinghai photovoltaic power generation with practical actions. Chukai New Energy Ut...
    2022 - 06 - 30
  • During the past 2 years, COVID-19 brought huge inconvenience to our life and work. Under such circumstances, Huaming did its best to ensure product quality and delivery so as to solve customers’ urgent needs, but it was still a pity that we were not able to communicate with our customers face to face. This year, however, CWIEME Berlin provided such a great opportunity and Huaming took advantage of it to present our latest technology as well as explore more business cooperation. On May 10 to 12, Huaming team was at booth 52C10, greeting all customers, like always in the previous events. During the exhibition, we met customers from world-renowned companies, such as Schnider, GE, ABB, etc., introducing our products and learning about their requests. As a result, we gained a better unders...
    2022 - 05 - 22
  • Huaming has launched several types of reactive LTC to amplify its products. Today we’re going to introduce some of them. First, the HMDK series, which is externally mounted, which is installed in the transformer external oil tank by means of aluminum brackets at the tail of the tap-changer. It is suitable for 60Hz single-phase oil-immersed voltage regulating transformer: linear regulation 17 positions as well as reversing & coarse and fine regulation 33 positions. The working temperature in oil is between -25℃ and 80℃.              ModelHMDK 300AHMDK 640A low voltageHMDK 640A high voltageRated current(A)300640640Max. rated current(A)480668668Short circuit(kA)2Srsm7.516160.8Srsm122020Peak27.1245.245.2Rated voltage(kV)27.627.635Step volta...
    2022 - 03 - 30
  • Huaming has always adhered to the concept of “Customer First” and been doing its best to meet customer needs, among which, after-sales service is an indispensable part. Good service can solve customers' urgent needs and deepen their understanding as well as use of tap-changers. As the world's second largest tap-changer manufacturer, in terms of after-sales service, Huaming requires its teams to respond to customer requests within 24 hours and provide high-quality service. Upgrade global service network With blooming and upgrading of Huaming global tap-changer business, there’s a growing demand for service, such as training and maintenance. Therefore, the original China-based service team and service model is obviously no longer applicable. Against this background, the opp...
    2022 - 03 - 16
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