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This position indicator type HMC-3C is applied with motor drive units of CAM7 and CMA9 (hereinafter referred as MDU) of on-load tap changer, and it can display the actual position of tap changer, there are three buttons "1-N", "stop" and "N-1" on the front panel, beside them is an indication lamp of "Remote Control". The input signal for position indication is decimal code and output BCD code.HMC-3C adopts LED digital tube to display the positions and it characterizes as high stability andreliability, the plastic housing of HMC-3C make it light-weighted, small-sized, easy and safe to operate.
SHM-K is equipped with high-resolution touch screen. CPU is made from ARM9 chip, clocked 400M, FLASH 256M, RAM 64M, with a very fast speed and huge memory space. Through the optical fiber, it is communicates with the SHMLC on both ways. It can work under five modes:① manually independent regulator;② automatic independent regulator;③ manual regulator in parallel host mode;④ automatic regulator in parallel host mode;⑤ parallel slave regulator mode.
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