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As the only moving component inside transformer tank, on-load tap changer needs to be highly reliable both electrically & mechanically. By different means, tap changers can be divided into different categories. By operation mode, it can be on-load or de-energized (off-circuit) tap changer; by arcing extinguishing medium, it can be conventional (arcing in oil) or vacuum (arcing in vacuum interrupter) tap changer; by structure, it can be selector switch or diverter switch tap changer; by mounting method, it can be in-tank or on-tank (bolt-on) tap changer; by transition impedance, it can be resistive or reactive tap changer; and by insulation medium, it can be liquid immersed, air insulated or gas insulated tap changer.

In Huaming, we provide one-stop voltage regulation solutions for all your needs. 

Type CM is a classic on-load tap changer composed by diverter switch & tap selector. It covers the widest application range from small power up to large power transformers. After a long history of operation and modifications, today type CM is one of the most reliable tap changers, which is able to withstand heavy duty with over 1,000 daily operations in furnace application.
Type CMD is designed with state-of-the-art technology and concept. Its unique contact system ensures superior performance for carrying heavy load and enduring short circuit current. In large power and ultra high voltage transformers, Type CMD is the natural choice to achieve high reliability.
Type CV is a typical selector switch structure tap changer, an ideal solution for medium power transformers (up to 110kV) down to distribution transformers. Its compact size allows transformers designers to achieve the most optimal tank design.
Type CVT is an air-insulated tap changer of selector switch design. Its compact size fits well for distribution transformers up to 11kV system. In various highly populated sites or critical facilities, such as urban high rises, airports, etc., CVT is widely applied for fire-proof and low maintenance purpose.
Type CZ is an air-insulated tap changer with separate diverter switch and tap selector. Today it is the only on-load voltage regulation solution for dry type transformers of 66kV system. In various highly populated sites or critical facilities, such as urban high rises, airports, etc., CZ is an ideal fire-proof and low maintenance solution.
Type CV2 is of selector switch structure, a vacuum version of type CV on-load tap changer. Its mechanical backup contacts design introduces an innovative & practical concept to make both low maintenance and extreme reliability possible at the same time. Furthermore, it is the most economic solution for primarily-delta transformer up to 132kV system.
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