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Tap changer is a sophisticated electro-mechanical product, which means proper maintenance is a key factor of long term reliable operation and asset management. In Huaming, supported a fully equipped training center with all necessary products & equipments, we offer training services to customers from all over the world. Our dedicated training experts have decades of field experiences as well as a good command of theoretical knowledge. They offer firsthand tap changer knowledge and answer various questions from customers. A training plan will be tailored based on customers’ specific requirements, including theoretical and hands-on practices. In the theoretical part, there are systematic courses covering tap changer basic principles, product structures & features, test...
Release time: 2017 - 09 - 27
As a world leader of one-stop voltage regulation solutions, HM has been providing tap changers to over 100 countries since 1989. Tens of thousands of HM tap changers are now operating successfully all over the world. HM has built a reputation for its excellent product quality and professional after-sales service.  As HM president, Mr. Xiao Yi, says” Whenever and wherever needed, let Huaming service be the continuation of excellence in our product technology and quality. Our goal is to build complete customer satisfaction throughout product life cycle. To ensure timely after-sales service provision, HM has set up twelve overseas service stations in France, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, Dubai, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia as well as Australia, and more a...
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