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As the only moving component inside transformer tank, on-load tap changer needs to be highly reliable both electrically & mechanically. By different means, tap changers can be divided into different categories. By operation mode, it can be on-load or de-energized (off-circuit) tap changer; by arcing extinguishing medium, it can be conventional (arcing in oil) or vacuum (arcing in vacuum interrupter) tap changer; by structure, it can be selector switch or diverter switch tap changer; by mounting method, it can be in-tank or on-tank (bolt-on) tap changer; by transition impedance, it can be resistive or reactive tap changer; and by insulation medium, it can be liquid immersed, air insulated or gas insulated tap changer.

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ZXJY is an intelligent on-line oil filter unit, both for oil & particle removal from tap changer oil compartment. The internal processor allows users to flexibly set both time & operation based automatic working modes. The stand-alone cabinet makes it fairly convenient for retrofit purpose on existing tap changers.
CMA7 is the classic motor drive unit realized by electro-mechanical working principle. It is universal to all type of tap changers and provides various protections & signals possibly requested by the customer. It is also proven to be applicable in various climatic conditions.
SHM-D is a digital type motor drive unit driven by a stepper motor. The contact-free design makes it extremely neat for mechanical actuation, which consequently extends the operation life. The modular design is highly configurable and it is an ideal solution for different communication protocol output.
This position indicator type HMC-3C is applied with motor drive units of CAM7 and CMA9 (hereinafter referred as MDU) of on-load tap changer, and it can display the actual position of tap changer, there are three buttons "1-N", "stop" and "N-1" on the front panel, beside them is an indication lamp of "Remote Control". The input signal for position indication is decimal code and output BCD code.HMC-3C adopts LED digital tube to display the positions and it characterizes as high stability andreliability, the plastic housing of HMC-3C make it light-weighted, small-sized, easy and safe to operate.
SHM-K is equipped with high-resolution touch screen. CPU is made from ARM9 chip, clocked 400M, FLASH 256M, RAM 64M, with a very fast speed and huge memory space. Through the optical fiber, it is communicates with the SHMLC on both ways. It can work under five modes:① manually independent regulator;② automatic independent regulator;③ manual regulator in parallel host mode;④ automatic regulator in parallel host mode;⑤ parallel slave regulator mode.
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