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HM Global Service Team 7x24 at your side

Date: 2022-03-16
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Huaming has always adhered to the concept of “Customer First” and been doing its best to meet customer needs, among which, after-sales service is an indispensable part. Good service can solve customers' urgent needs and deepen their understanding as well as use of tap-changers. As the world's second largest tap-changer manufacturer, in terms of after-sales service, Huaming requires its teams to respond to customer requests within 24 hours and provide high-quality service.


Upgrade global service network


With blooming and upgrading of Huaming global tap-changer business, there’s a growing demand for service, such as training and maintenance. Therefore, the original China-based service team and service model is obviously no longer applicable. Against this background, the opportunities and challenges coexist. Huaming seizes this chance and actively builds a global service network with its unique characteristics. From Australia and South Africa located in the southern hemisphere to Russia and Czech Republic in the northern hemisphere, from Germany and Malaysia in the eastern hemisphere to the United States and Brazil in the western hemisphere, Huaming establishes a global service network. As soon as a customer has a demand, the nearest service team will respond in a timely manner, and strive to solve customer problems quickly. For example, a transformer OEM in Italy encountered difficulties during on-site commissioning, but was in a hurry to energize the transformer, so the Huaming Italian service team directly had an online meeting with the customer to help solve problems. Another example was a project in Chile. The end user was not familiar with Huaming products. Our Brazilian team rushed to the site to assist the installation and commissioning, and carried out tap-changer training, so that customers could use it with confidence.


Improve skills and build professional teams


Deploying and upgrading the global network is only a solid first step. On this basis, Huaming is also continuously improving service quality and team skills. Our after-sales service is also extending in a systematic and intelligent direction. In terms of systematization, we standardize the after-sales service process and formulate professional service standard. Huaming regularly arranges training for its service teams to update their knowledge of tap-changers and improve their hands-on and troubleshooting skills. Apart from improving the maintenance manuals, detailed maintenance videos are also available. Besides, Huaming has developed maintenance kits for specific types of tap-changers to ensure that customers can replace the corresponding spare parts as soon as they need it. In the meantime, Huaming takes advantage of modern technology to create intelligent service by introducing cloud customer service system, accepts customer service requests in real time, and builds a remote training room in Shanghai. Even in the current epidemic situation, it can also provide timely service.


Good after-sales service is an important guarantee for the safe operation of equipment. Huaming does its best to provide high-quality and efficient service to customers around the world. Let professional teams to handle issues professionally. Huaming and its global after-sales service teams are available 7x24 at your side.

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