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HM successfully launched tap-changer for converter transformer

Date: 2021-12-30
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On December 12, 2021, SHZVⅡ-1300/72.5D-14271W vacuum on-load tap-changer, jointly designed by Huaming and China Southern Power Grid for converter transformer, assembled in ZZDFPZ-300400/500-250 converter transformer produced by XD transformer, has successfully passed all tests and national evaluation, and its performance reached international leading level. This marks a major breakthrough in China domestic UHV on-load tap-changer technology.


Huaming SHZVⅡ-1300/72.5D-14271W tap-changer for converter transformer has a maximum rated through current of 1300A, rated voltage 6000V and switching capacity 6000kVA. Besides, for the first time ever, it adopts China domestic vacuum interrupters. The tap-changer’s electrical life is 300,000 times of operation and mechanical life 1.5 million times of operation.

HM successfully launched tap-changer for converter transformer              HM successfully launched tap-changer for converter transformer


The successful launching of the first China domestically-made tap-changer for converter transformer is a result of the hard work of HM’s and China Southern Power Grid UHV Co.’s R&D teams. Based on the working conditions and structural characteristics of the converter transformer and the fault defects of other brands’ tap-changers, these engineers unremittingly discussed and demonstrated, from technical investigation, design optimization to test assessment. Finally, after two years, a brand-new product with large switching capacity, high insulation margin and long service life was successfully launched, and its technical performance has reached the international leading level.


We believe that more and more HM tap-changers will be seen used in UHV projects everywhere in the world. HM, the future can be expected!

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