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Huaming tap-changer multi-step rectifier transformer application

Date: 2021-06-09
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Alcoa Corporation, who conducts operation in more than 10 countries, is the world’s 8th largest producer of aluminum. Since 1888, approximately 75% of its aluminum is still in use today. As the founder of the modern aluminum industry, Alcoa’s innovative technologies have helped the aerospace, automotive, packaging, construction, commercial transportation, consumer electronics and industrial markets achieve multiple development milestones.


The time goes back to the early autumn of 2018. Huaming received the inquiry of tap-changers for Alcoa Norway rectifier transformers. The transformer capacity was 26.1MVA, 33kV, and has 96 steps, which has very special requirements for tap-changers. In view of this, Huaming conducted several technical communication with the customer and finally determined the most ideal solution. In terms of design, Huaming simplified the original CM tap-changer sheave design to achieve 10 equal divisions, which shortened assembly time and improved product reliability. After the cooperation of technology, production and other departments, this special tap-changer was delivered to the transformer factory in the shortest time. Then Huaming's technical team went to the OEMs’ factories to guide tap-changer installation and commissioning. In the end, the tap-changer was praised and recognized by Alcoa Norway.

Huaming tap-changer multi-step rectifier transformer application


Several years have passed, the stable and reliable quality of Huaming tap-changers has impressed customers. In early 2021, Alcoa chose Huaming again, and another three-phase multi-step tap-changer begins its service in Alcoa's power supply.


Trust comes from quality. For a long time, Huaming upholds the concept of integrity and innovation, insists on putting product quality in the first place, keeps innovating, and uses professional technology to serve utilities and industrial customers in more than 130 countries and regions around the world. Huaming has won the trust of customers. Huaming tap-changer will surely gain more customers' favor at home and abroad.

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