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HM, "invisible champion" is breaking the growth of "industry ceiling"

Date: 2023-01-16
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In the past 2022, the second UHV product of Huaming was officially put into operation. The tap-changer, equipped in a converter transformer, was used in the '±500kV Xiluodu DC Transmission Project'.

Not known to the public, 'tap-changer' and 'bushing' are the last two components to be localized in the field of EHV, which is also the most difficult. UHV was created by China, but for a long time UHV on-load tap-changer has been monopolized by international enterprises, and China did not master its core technology.

In the field of tap-changer, Huaming has assumed the role of breaking the 'neck' of key foreign technology, said Xiao Yi, CEO of Huaming, 'This is the embodiment of national power, Huaming is proud to be a supporting role.'

UHV, like high-speed train, is optional for small countries, but it is of great significance to China, which has a large land area and a large population.

The extra high voltage is known as the 'electric highway'. The voltage can be divided into low voltage, high voltage, ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage, and the standard of ultra-high voltage is 800kV DC and 1000kV AC. In the process of power transmission, ultra-high voltage has the characteristics of large transmission capacity, long transmission distance and low line loss, which is considered as a major weapon to break the bottleneck of energy transmission in China.

According to Xiao Yi, 'the use of power stations to connect the country's voltage levels into a network must rely on UHV, and the farther it is connected, the higher the voltage.'


It has to be pointed out that despite the localization of the whole industry chain of UHV, the domestic tap-changers in the field of UHV are still dominated by international leaders.

Huaming is the market leader in the domestic tap-changer segment, with shipments ranking first in China and second in the world, and has a significant leading position in the domestic market competition below 500kV, but in the market related to 500kV and above, especially the ultra-high voltage, the market is still dominated by imported products, and the relative share of the company's products is low.

Xiao Yi, who has been working in the tap-changer industry for almost 30 years, said, 'There is no obvious gap between the company's products and its competitors in terms of application, mainly in the basic process, there are still some gaps between Chinese manufacturing and Germany and Japan, which is the direction the company will try to improve in the future.'

According to Xiao Yi, the ±800kV tap changer applied in the transformer in the field of ultra-high voltage, 'the third generation of products is stepping up research and development, and is expected to be put into operation at the end of 2023.'

In 2022, a new round of construction peak will be ushered in for domestic UHV projects. Institutions expect 2023 will be a big year for UHV projects to start, especially UHV DC projects.

Institutional research Huaming equipment, especially concerned about the breakthrough of products in the field of ultra-high voltage, whether it will bring positive impact to Huaming business development, especially market increment. The response given by the company is very rational and restrained, 'the volume of a single line of UHV is not particularly large, the significance of the breakthrough in the UHV market is mainly conducive to the breakthrough in the market above 500kV, and will also promote the improvement and upgrading of the company's 220KV and 500KV conventional product quality and process'.

The technology in the field of UHV represents the highest global standard, and the brand effect brought by entering the supply chain will have a positive technical endorsement effect on the future overseas market promotion of Huaming equipment.

The application scenario of tap changer, in addition to power generation and transmission and distribution enterprises, there are various industrial fields such as transportation, smelting, chemical industry and equipment manufacturing.


New power grid construction, domestic substitution in the field of extra-high voltage, applications in secondary industry and industry also stimulate the market demand for tap changers.

In 2022, the most important highlights of Huaming's business growth are in the new energy and industrial transformer fields, with revenue growth of about 20% year-on-year. It is mainly the new energy grid connection and the commissioning of new energy material enterprises that provide market increment to Huaming's tap changers, especially the investment in silicon plants in the photovoltaic industry.

According to Xiao Yi, 'A company invested in a silicon plant in Xinjiang and used 80 sets of our tap-changers. What is the concept of 80 sets of tap-changers? It may be the amount of a power grid company in a central province for a year.'

Industrial transformers, which have many special technical requirements, more frequent switching times, higher reliability requirements for switches, and short delivery requirements, 'only 2 to 3 weeks', and chemical companies, railroads and other transformer manufacturers dealing with, 'they choose Huaming out of trust and reliable service for users', 'No matter what industry the final market is in, Huaming always has a strong position in the tap-changer field.'

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