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Huaming, Recognized by Local Government as "Little Giant" in Innovation

Date: 2022-11-16
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Recently, Huaming has received feedback from the gradient cultivation platform system for high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai. The recognition of Huaming's technical level and innovation ability is also an affirmation of Huaming's insistence on independent innovation and maintaining its competitive advantage in the industry.

Huaming, Recognized by Local Government as

As a professional manufacturer of tap-changers in the power transformer industry, Huaming has been committed to the localization of tap-changers for many years, and has made remarkable achievements in the innovation and leadership of tap-changer technology. The comprehensive strength of the company has always been in the leading position in the industry. In recent years, Huaming has further achieved major breakthroughs in the application technology of UHV tap-changers, and solved the 'stuck' dilemma of foreign key technologies in this field.

This time, Huaming was recognized as a specialized, special and new 'little giant' enterprise, which marks that the company has been recognized and affirmed by relevant government departments and customers in many aspects such as technology, products, comprehensive strength and future development prospects. Huaming will continue to adhere to the corporate culture concept of 'Innovation, Self-improvement', vigorously promote the technological innovation of domestic UHV tap-changers, realize the wide application of Huaming products in the field of UHV, and establish a Chinese-made UHV tap-changer in the world good image.

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