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Huaming Russia Service Team Successfully Trained in Shanghai

Date: 2023-04-13
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A group of 3 technicians from HM Russia branch visited Shanghai headquarter in April, 2023, for a comprehensive training on tap-changer maintenance and spare parts replacement. 


The tap-changer is a device that allows the adjustment of the transformer's voltage ratio by changing the number of turns in one of the windings. It is an essential component for ensuring the stability and efficiency of power transmission and distribution systems. HM is a leading manufacturer of tap-changers and has exported its products to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.


The training program consisted of both theoretical and practical sessions, covering topics such as tap-changer structure, function, principle, classification, selection, testing, troubleshooting and safety precautions. The trainees also had the opportunity to visit the tap-changer production workshop and observe the manufacturing process and quality control measures. They also participated in hands-on exercises on different types of tap-changers, such as on-load tap-changers, off-load tap-changers and vacuum tap-changers.


The training was a successful example of HM's commitment to providing high-quality products and services to its customers around the world. It also strengthened HM Russia Team's knowledge on tap-changers. HM plans to organize more similar training programs for its overseas partners and customers.

Huaming Russia Service Team Successfully Trained in Shanghai

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